Facial Therapy

All our facials utilise both manual and the latest advanced technologies.

Fill Perfection

The professional filler treatment with an exceptional filling and ant-age effect, specifically formualted for the face, neck and decollete. Named the “Botox Facial”. (Sonophoresis & Nuovapelle)
(90 mins) $165 or series of 4 $520

Lift Creator

The new generation cosmetic lifting treatment to renew the sin, raise the facial contours and correct wrinkles and redensify the tissues, Skin is renewed, lifted and more toned and firmed. (Sonophoresis & Nuovapelle)
(75 mins) $145 or series of 4 $440 

Age Method

The first universal youth enhancing treatment with an innovated formula that works within the heart of a cell. Repairing and restructuring the damage caused by hormonal and skin ageing by minimising expression lines, deep wrinkles and strengthening the structure of the skin.(Sonophoresis & Nuovapelle)
(75 mins) $145 or series of 4 $440


This Anti- Oxidant treatment is high in vitamin C and co-enzyme Q10. Purrfect for skins with signs of fatigue and stress.
(75 mins) $90 (Sonophoresis)

​Hydra Perfection

Moisturising treatment capable of revitalising skin, providing it with the correct quantity of Hyaloraunic acid and collagen. Purrfectly moisturised, nourished and young skin.
(75 mins) $125 (Sonophoresis)

​White Science

A cutting edge treatment that regulates melanin and combats sunspots whilst brightening and evening the complexion.
(75mins) $100 (Sonophoresis)

Calm Purrfection

The soothing treatment that gives instant comfort and restores the barrier to sensitive, intolerant and reactive skin. (Sonophoresis)
(45 mins) $80

Pure Equalizer

A professional treatment dedicated to improve and combination skin. Rebalance & Re- educated skin. (Sonophoresis & Nuovapelle)
(45 mins) $90 each or series of 4 $280

DIBI Classic Facial

Your journey begins with a personalised skin analysis. we start the process by cleansing thoroughly followed by a light exfoliate. Relax with a decadent face, neck and decollete massage finishing with a treatment mask and appropriate moisturiser.
(60 mins) $85

Microdermabrasion with Sonophoresis

Microdermabrasion is a non- surgical safe and gentle procedure that gently exfoliates and polishes the skin. Sonophoresis uses ultrasonic technology to increase the depth that serums can be absorbed into the skin.
(90 mins) $135 each or series of 4 $410


Glyco Program

Intense regenerative treatment to exfoliate and smooth the epidermis, stimulate cellular turnover and reduce impurrfections.
(90 mins) $90 each or series of 4 $240

MBD Skin Analyser

Start your skin care journey with the skin analyser, developed with ultra sonic technologies and a  comprehensive interview we can prescribe a complete personalised report to your specific needs. Redeemable on any DIBI product purchase over $90
(30 mins) $39


Nuovapelle brings together the action of two advanced technologies; 808nm soft diode laser and Bipolar Radio-frequency. Increases the process of cell regeneration, promotes collagen renewal for a toned and radiant face.


Sonophoresis is a relaxing, non invasive treatment that uses ultra sonic (soundwave) technology. Sonophoresis opens small spaces between skin cells that result in an increase in penetration of ingredients applied to the skin.

Purrfection is important to us

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